Audit the available consumable, ingredients and articles;

Statistics of the sold products/ingredients;

Optimization the invent of making of inventory;

Comparison some machines by predefined criterion;

Organization and increasing the efficiency of the employee;

Carting of the vending machines placing ,simple access;

Everyone of the vending machines is possible to program to send data in on-line or off-line mode;

Simple plug and play installation of the hardware.



The service expenses reducing;

The machines efficiency improving;

Optimization of the fuel expenses;

The losing and ingredients thefts reducing;

In-time receiving information by e-mail, when the error occurs;

The employee have may bring and transport only the necessary spare parts,

Consumables, ingredients and ready products;

In general the systems help to improve the organization and management the business related with selling through vending automates.

You can see more attractive and detailed presentation of the Venduza, its features and advantages from the following video presentation.